Domestic Air ConditioningOver the past several years, climate control is something that many of us have come to expect as standard in our cars and many offices, so why not enjoy the luxury of cooling in the summer and warm efficient heating in winter at home?

Traditionally air conditioning has been considered both too expensive and too obtrusive for use in the domestic environment - but now the latest systems have been made much smaller with an attractive modern appearance - and cost a lot less

The most popular air conditioning on the market is called the split system. It comprises of an indoor unit, this could be wall, floor or ceiling mounted, an outdoor condensing unit, this can be installed outside on wall brackets or floor mounted, both units are connected with small bore refrigerant pipework, condensate drain and control cables.

Residential air conditioning is the modern economic and efficient way to switch on to springtime in the conservatory, bedrooms and dinning room, throughout the year.

The air conditioning units are normally installed in one day, they are easy to use, ultra reliable, quiet running and come in an elegant and up to date range of wall, floor and ceiling mounted internal units.

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